Rice Protein (Feed)

Feed grade rice protein is a byproduct, which is obtained by the deep processing of rice grains. The obtained result is a light yellow colored powder with odorless quality, which makes it ideal to be mixed with other feed formula. Master Sweetener produces and offers high quality feed grade rice protein that is made from the same rice grains that are used for food grade rice protein.

However, the feed grade rice protein variety is less processed and we offer both 40% and 70% concentrations of rice protein. It is made through the wet milling process and includes an all-natural proprietary process.

The production process includes fermentation, filtration and enzyme processing and the process removes protein and fiber from the rice grains. Being a byproduct of rice starch, it contains rice nutrition and is used as the livestock feed.

Feed grade rice protein aids in the health growth of the animals and also improves the quality and effectiveness of the feed. It is an important component in the cattle industry and is helpful in the stockbreeding of ducks, cattle, poultry and fish farming.

Rice Protein Food Grade

It is made by separating protein from the rice grains and enhancing and fortifying it with the addition of antioxidants. It is an excellent protein source that has a considerable amount of amino acids, is easy to digest and is great for cattle, poultry and aquatic animals.

The amino acids found in it are both essential and non-essential and play an important role as the building blocks of the body. This is why they are important and mixing rice protein enhances its quality and health.

Specification Table

Product Dextrose Equivalent (D.E) Total Carbohydrates g/100g Glucose (DP1) g/100g Maltose (DP2) g/100g Technical Data
Rice Protein Feed 50% 45 Mesh 27-33 98.5 2-10 9-17
Rice Protein Feed 50% 100 Mesh 38-44 98.5 9-17 13-21
Rice Protein Feed 70% 100 Mesh 58-64 98.5 27-35 34-42