Organic Brown Rice Syrups

Organic Brown Rice Syrups in Pakistan: The Best Natural Sweetener

One product that has gained significant attention is rice syrup, which is now called as the best organic rice syrups. This natural sweetener is crafted from non-GMO brown rice, ensuring it’s free from genetically modified organisms. The process of creating this amber-colored syrup is a meticulous one, involving milling and boiling, complemented by enzymatic reactions, resulting in a mild and delicately flavored product.

Master Sweetener Production and Global Export

Master Sweetener producing Organic Brown Rice Syrup in Pakistan and exporting to worldwide. We proudly serve the USA, UAE, Europe, the UK, and numerous other countries.

A Natural and Healthy Rice Syrup in Pakistan

it’s nature’s ultimate sweetener. Crafted from non-GMO brown rice, this syrup is a natural delight without any genetic meddling. The process is quite a journey, involving milling, boiling, and enzymatic magic, resulting in a rich, amber syrup with a gentle sweetness and a delicate flavor.

Rice Syrups Benefits

A sweetener that’s all about keeping things simple and healthy. It’s like getting all the goodness of brown rice without any artificial stuff. Here’s why it’s a hit in kitchens everywhere

Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Specification Table

Product Dextrose Equivalent (D.E) Total Carbohydrates g/100g Glucose (DP1) g/100g Maltose (DP2) g/100g Technical Data
Brown Rice Syrup – 28DE 27-33 98.5 2-10 9-17 Rice Syrup in Pakistan– 28DE
 Brown Rice Syrup 42DE 38-44 98.5 9-17 13-21 Organic Brown Rice Syrups 42DE
 Brown Rice Syrup 60DE 58-64 98.5 27-35 34-42 Organic Brown Rice Syrups 60DE
 Brown Hi Maltose Syrup 45DE 42-48 98.5 3-11 42-50

Packaging: HDPE Drum Net Weight 300kg , Corrugated Tote Net Weight 1364kg /Tote

Shelf Life: 18 months for IBC Tote (under recommended storage condition) 12 months for Drum (under recommended storage condition)

Storage Condition: Rice Syrup should be stored at temperature <90 °F in a cool, dry environment, away from sunlight

Disclaimer: These indicative analytical values reflect the actual position of our knowledge and do not constitute any guarantee

Typical analysis is not to be construed as product specification. Typical analysis data represents average values, not to be considered as guarantees