Clarified Rice Syrup in Pakistan

Organic Clarified Rice Syrup in Pakistan  use as a a natural sweeteners is a nutritious liquid that is derived through the starch hydrolysis. The process uses rice as its main ingredient to obtain the required syrup. For it, usually white organic rice is used, which also gives it its clear appearance and color. Having been made from organic rice, it is free from all kinds of pesticides and harmful chemicals and makes a great breakfast option.

Rice syrups are filtered until they have a low level of rice oils and a delicious buttery texture and flavor. It also helps in masking the flavor and essence of soy or any other beany products that are used in the process.

These syrups are filtered using a high efficiency machine to get rid of all kinds of suspended fats and to achieve a clear and clean look and flavor. Though they are also known as brown rice syrups but they have a different taste and appearance. Where brown rice syrup is brown or honey like in color, organic clarified rice syrup is clear in appearance.

Clarified Rice Syrup

Specification Table

Product Dextrose Equivalent (D.E) Total Carbohydrates g/100g Glucose (DP1) g/100g Maltose (DP2) g/100g Technical Data
Clarified Rice Syrup 28DE 27-33 98.5 2-10 9-17 Clarified Rice Syrup
Clarified Rice Syrup 42DE 38-44 98.5 9-17 13-21 Organic Clarified Syrups
Clarified Rice Syrup 60DE 58-64 98.5 27-35 34-42
Clarified Hi Maltose Syrup 45DE 42-48 98.5 3-11 42-50

Packaging: HDPE Drum Net Weight 300kg , Corrugated Tote Net Weight 1364kg /Tote

Shelf Life: 18 months for IBC Tote (under recommended storage condition) 12 months for Drum (under recommended storage condition)

Storage Condition: Rice Syrup should be stored at temperature <90 °F in a cool, dry environment, away from sunlight

Disclaimer: These indicative analytical values reflect the actual position of our knowledge and do not constitute any guarantee

Typical analysis is not to be construed as product specification. Typical analysis data represents average values, not to be considered as guarantees