Rice Maltodextrin:

Rice Maltodextrins is a category of master sweetener Organic Rice Solids which is a white and processed powder that is obtained from a number of sources including rice, wheat, potato and corn. To make the powder, the starch is cooked and further broken down by adding heat-stable bacterial alpha-amylas enzyme or acid to it.
It is a common food additive that is obtained by partially hydrolyzing the rice starch. It is a good source of complex carbohydrates that are released in the bloodstream slowly and gradually. It is also used as a bulking agent and it gives a certain kind and level of sweetness to food without affecting its taste and flavor. It is found in white hygroscopic spray dried powder form.

It is easy to digest and based on the degree of polymerization, it could be mildly sweet to almost flavorless. It has a relatively lower molecular weight, which makes it easy to mix with other ingredients. It improves the texture and mouthfeel of foods with lower fat content.
Rice maltodextrin is somewhat like corn syrup solids as both of them undergo hydrolysis. But the key difference between them is that after the hydrolysis, corn syrup solids have at least 20 percent of sugar while rice maltodextrin has less than 20 percent of sugar.
Is it safe for you? Yes, in a controlled amount, rice maltodextrin is safe for consumption. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a safe additive. However, if suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes, any amount of rice maltodextrin should be added in the carbohydrates amount.

Being present in a negligible amount in food, it has minimal to no effect on carbohydrate intake. But being high on glycemic index, it can spike your blood sugar level.

Rice Syrup Solids:

Rice syrup solids are also a category of Organic Rice Solids that are obtained through an enzymatic process that is applied on the rice starch. The result is a pale colored powder that has a delicate and slight sweet flavor and taste. It is somewhat similar to maltodextrin and could be made either with organic brown or white rice.
These solids are available in both brown and white rice variety and the consumers can choose whatever they like and want. Master Sweetener produces high quality rice syrup solids that are made from 100% genuine and kosher ingredients like organically grown rice and rice starch obtained from it.

The finished product is as per the international standards and benchmark of quality and great for taste and health. It is a granulated powder that is similar to maltodextrin or corn sugar.

Rice syrup solids come with a light sweet flavor and to make them, dried rice starch that is processed with an enzyme. The process results in sweet and pale powder that is used in a number of edible products like candies, bread and gums. It adds to the products’ chewiness and flavor and enhances it.

Due to this, people who are health conscious and looking for a safe and healthy sugar substitute use it for baking and other cooking purposes. This gives the sweet flavor to the food while preventing the increase in blood glucose and sugar levels.

These solids also aid in the crystallization and binding of sugar and is an excellent cryoprotectant that controls the crystallization of ice. This is why it is an ideal agent to keep frozen food fresh for longer periods of time.